Meer van de recente illustratie-bampost

Amongst the madness, I managed to put together a little experimental painting as an homage to a cartoon that both helped me appreciate the macabre and simultaneously deter me from drugs: Scooby Doo.

After I noticed a few things about Shaggy, I caught on quick and realized what Scooby Doo really was. The only REAL thing in the entire Scooby universe was Shaggy. The dude was just an aging hipster that was a little kooky and schitzophrenic and took mad LSD. Everything else in the entire cartoon, from the talking dog, the “ideal” friends who would never be his friends in reality, the ghosts, the castles, etc, they were all just figments of Shaggy’s consistently bad trips. When they would encounter other characters, ever notice how EVERY other character that the gang interacted with looked confused?? Thats cuz some Fight Club shit was going on and Shaggy was just talking in like 3 different voices and characters to these dudes.
And you would think that i would be like “holy shit, i see spacemen with skull heads and talking dogs when I do LSD? Rad!” But once again, the creators succeeded, because they made Shaggy CONSTANTLY SCARED LIKE A BITCH for 22 of the 30 minutes. No way did i want that fear. Hence, Hanna-Barbara, Casey Casem and Shaggy-whatever-the-fuck-his-last-name-is led me down the road of a drug free life.